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1205 S Trailer

1205 S Trailer


  • Strong Side Panel

    Firm side panel which increases the stability of the trailer
  • 13-POL Cable

    Is used because the 7-pin does not fit in with connections to all the desired functions
  • Strong Side Locks

    High quality side locks which firmly locks the back panel
  • Internal Lashing Eyes

    Internal lashing eyes which easily helps you to secure your load
  • Tiltable

    Helps you to easier unload your garden waste or load your lawn mover or bicycle to the trailer
  • Foldable Drawbar/Upright Storage

    Space saving which allows you to store your trailer in a garage or against a wall. Don’t forget to secure your trailer if you store in an upright position.
  • Cover Buttons

    The trailer is prepared for flat and high covers, attachment for covers pre-assembled
  • Foldable Back Panel

    Foldable back panel to easier load the trailer and also enable you to transport longer goods.



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