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Eye Lock 30/40mm Heavy Duty


Eye Lock 30/40mm Heavy Duty

The SAS Towing Eye Lock for 30 or 40mm Towing Eyes

The SAS Towing Eye Lock is the toughest Insurance Approved Lock for eye hitches that money can buy. Its solid design completely covers the eye hitch to prevent unlawful coupling so keeping your equipment safe in your hands. The lock has a steel encased, maximum security removable barrel lock in the centre to lock onto the hitch. This makes it extremely easy and simple to use and ideal for use by contractors and plant hire companies. Used for securing generator trailers, cable reel trailers, plant trailers and any other trailer with an eye towing hitch.

Heavy Duty Construction

This Lock’s tough heavy duty construction makes it a great physical deterrent, constructed of 12mm Steel top and bottom and 6mm around the edge. A maximum visual deterrent to thieves as well with the lock painted bright red in colour. Being such a solid lock, these SAS Hitch Locks are virtually indestructible, and therefore clearly an industry leading product. This eye lock locks with a high security steel encased anti-drill and anti-pick barrel lock for maximum security.


This size lock fits the most common sizes for a towing eye coupling of 30mm or 40mm. Generator trailers, plant trailers and other heavy-duty trailers with eye hitches this size of lock. On trailers such as farm trailers a 50mm lock also available for 50mm eyes. Heavier duty trailers generally have an eye hitch to allow for more wear and tear so by using a heavier duty lock for the hitch is the obvious option to secure them from theft.

Keyed Alike

The keyed alike option is available to secure multiple trailers under a single key number across all locks. The Keyed Alike service is available across all sizes of SAS eye locks. That’s perfect if you have a mixture of towing eye sizes. The Supaclamp Duo SilverSupaclamp Duo Gold & New Defender Range can also be keyed on the same number as the Eye Locks if required. Please call the sales office for details.

Pre 2020 models of the SAS eye lock were supplied in yellow.

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