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SAS HD Ground Anchor


SAS HD Ground Anchor

SAS Ground Anchor

The SAS HD Ground Anchor is an excellent choice for securing your trailer or caravan to the ground when parked. The Anchor is contructed using 2 layers of thick hardened steel to protect your chain from being cut loose. When coupled with a secure SAS Chain it becomes a highly secure locking device. The size is big enough to fit chains up to 16mm in diameter. Sold Secure Approved to Diamond level.
The ground anchor comes with 4 high security Rawl expansion bolts and anti tamper ball bearings and hammer in plugs to fix it down securely. When all are fitted it creates an unbreakable anchor and gets it will be dependant only on the fixing surface for any weakness. The anchor can be fitted to any concrete or brick surface near where your trailer or caravan is parked to secure it down to the ground.
When fixing to tarmac, a pad of concrete will need to be poured first to fix to. In this instance another option is the SAS Concrete in Ground Anchor, where the whole anchor is secured in the ground.

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