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SAS Van Door Hasp and Staple Lock


SAS Van Door Hasp and Staple Lock


The SAS Shackleless Padlock is basically a solid lump of steel with a secure locking mechanism making it very secure. The lock gains its security from the shackleless design and high security lock. The only way to remove the lock would be to try to pull it off the van door. However, with the hardened steel enclosed shackle pin locked in place, it would likely pull the van door metal before it could come off the hasp. Along with the strength, with there being nothing to grip onto on the round padlock, van theives wouldn’t get anywhere near removing it that way. The other way is to try to pick the lock but as it is a high security lock, this would be almost impossible and the essence of speed for theives would be lost before they got anywhere near opening the doors.
The fixing holes are universal and bolts are not included. These can be bought from any hardware store and we reccommend security fixings to ensure the whole lock cannot be unbolted from place.

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