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SAS Wheel Clamp Size Guide

SAS Wheel Clamp Size Guide

SAS Wheel Clamp Guide

Welcome to the SAS Wheel Clamp finder guide for finding the correct wheel clamp for your Trailer/Caravan. The wheel dimensions to take are labelled A – D and are laid out along the top of the table with the wheel clamps listed down the left hand side of the table. This Wheel Clamp Finder tries to cover all wheel sizes but due to there being so many variations it is almost impossible to do. The measurements marked as critical are the most important. The other measurements are a guide as the size of your rims won’t give much of an indication as to how big the tyre is.

If you are still not sure which wheel clamp will suit your wheel, or want confirmation of what wheel clamp will be best for your wheel, please send us some pictures of your wheels together with your tyre sizes and we will advise further. Please note, wheels with inset rims may require the Wheel clamp Extension tube as an additional accessory to completely cover the wheel nut.

Please click the link for Wheel Clamps to see the full range.