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Complete Roof Rack Bars

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Complete Roof Rack Bars – Select your vehicle.

Need the space in your vehicle, wide range of roof rack bars to fit most vehicles. Perfect carrying solution for bikes, kayaks, ski’s, snowboards and much more..

Buying roof rack bars for your vehicle opens up a wide range of carrying solutions, you may just need the space for your family and pets. All of your luggage can be taken with you on your holiday, simply attach a pair of complete roof rack bars and then add a roof box.

Our roof rack bars are sold complete which includes roof bars, foot pack and fitting kit which takes the hassle out of buying.

Types of Roof Bar Fittings

Normal Roof – This is a traditional way roof bars attach to your vehicle. This type of fitting will require the roof bars
to be attached round the edge of the vehicles door frame.Suitable for vehicles with no fixtures.

Open Rails – The classic design, which was fitted on most estate vehicle. These are called open roof rails and they run
from front to back on the vehicles roof. Open rails have a gap between the roof and the rails.

Flush Rails – Flush Roof Rails is now the most common fitment for the latest MPV, Estate & SUV Vehicles. Flush rails are a
stylish version of the common open rails but they do not have a gap between the roof of the vehicle & rails.

Fix Points – Suitable for vehicles with fix points located under the plastic roof trimming. It is usually a threaded hole & this
is where the roof bars will bolt down attaching them to your vehicle.