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Our modern workshop is fitted with all the equipment needed to cope with the latest vehicles and up to date technology. Our centre supplies and fits Witter towbars, Brink and Westfalia, in addition to offering a lifetime warranty including all electrics.

Bermick offer a fast and cost effective fitting service for all the towbars we sell on our website. Click here to request a fitting of your new towbar.
In addition to fitting service, we have a courtesy car fleet that allows you keep mobile while the towbar is being fitted.
The towing Law states that all light passenger vehicles registered on or after 1st August 1998 require a type approved towbar tested to EC94/20 and tow ball with suitable D&S value. Any vehicles registered before this date are not affected by this legislation. Other vehicles not subject to type approval are ~ commercial vehicles, car derived vans and motor caravans.
At Bermick we offer a wide range of tow bar mounted bike racks to fit most types of vehicle including 4×4 vehicles. Rear wheel and roof mounted versions are also available. We stock products from the best manufacturers such as Witter, Thule and Maypole.
On most new cars, a 7 way by-pass relay is required with multiplex systems which have come out in the last few years to protect the cars own electrics such as most Alfa Romeos, Audis, BMW’s, Citroens, Hondas, Jaguars, Peugeots, Rovers, Volkswagens, Volvos and even the new Mondeo, Fiesta and Vectra.
The multiplex relay protects the cars electrics by putting no load on the vehicle wiring, instead it just uses them as a trigger device. The trailers lights are powered by taking its source from the vehicle’s battery to the multiplex relay. It can also be used on vehicles that have bulb failure monitors.
Split charge relays can also be added when using twin electrics, this isolates the fridge and battery charging circuits when there is little voltage in your car battery. This device therefore protects your towing vehicle battery from being drained flat from your caravan. For example if you stopped for a break at the services.
Without the relays fitted If you did not unplug the ’12S’ (grey) socket it would be running direct from the vehicle’s battery and result in you coming back to find a flat battery.
With voltage sensing relays there is no need to connect to the vehicle’s alternator unlike the older type split charge relays.
There are different type of tow bars that could be fitted to your vehicle for example –
Two Bolt Flange towbars are the most popular for the UK towing bracket market. The best known make of this type is Witter, the UK’s largest towbar manufacturer. Where the ball is bolted on to the towbar via two bolts (one on each side), meaning a conventional tow ball can be used, or a combined ball and pin for commercial use can be fitted. Other useful accessories such as bumper protector plates, cycle carriers, and tow steps can normally be fitted to a flange towbar.
Swan neck towbars are becoming more popular in the UK, but are most commonly seen in Europe, seen by some as more aesthetically pleasing than the more common flange type.
Detachable towbars are also becoming more popular in the UK as they do not spoil the look of the vehicle and in most cases they are totally invisible. They are also useful for cars fitted with reversing sensors as often a flange or swan neck would interfere with the sensors when not towing.
All towbars that we fit are designed to match exactly to mounting points and are renowned for their ease of fitting and unobtrusive appearance.
Once the design is approved and tested to rigorous European standard EC94/20, it is then manufactured by an experienced production team using only certified British steel and finished in a high quality primer/ powder coating.
Quality management overlook the work and fitting to ensure customer satisfaction. Our towbars come with full fitting instructions complete with diagram should you wish to fit them yourself.
All type approved towbars carry a label necessary to conform fully to the European standard.