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SAS Concrete in Ground Anchor


SAS Concrete in Ground Anchor

SAS Ground Anchor

The SAS Concrete in Ground Anchor is a solid ground anchor that won’t budge to any thiefs efforts and great for securing your chassis to the ground. The ground anchor is case hardened making it extremely difficult to cut through and remove unlawfully with hand tools. The ring head measures 21mm in diameter and resists all forms of attack meaning it passed Sold Secures Gold security rating with ease. The internal diameter of teh head is 59mm making it compatible with all chains, even up to 16mm.
The ground anchor is easy to fit by concreting it into a hole in either tarmac or concrete. The Ground anchor comes complete with 2 cross brace pins to secure it in the ground and meaning the anchor cant be pulled out of the ground by an upwards force. The concrete around it will break up before the ground anchor is removed.

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