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SAS Rotating Security Ground Anchor


SAS Rotating Security Ground Anchor

SAS Ground Anchor

The SAS Rotating Ground anchor is a ‘Sold Secure Gold’ approved ground anchor to bolt down. The Ground Anchor comes with a set of 4 high security Rawl bolts to fix it down to concrete and bolt covers to prevent it being unscrewed. The unique rotating head makes it easy to secure to from any angle as it rotates to where you need it, without compromising on security.
The case hardened steel head is 26mm in diameter which makes it extremely tough and difficult to cut through with hand tools. The large opening of 59mm means any chain can be fitted through and secured. With this option we reccommend the SAS 16mm Security Chain for maximum security. The combination makes an unbeatable security measure and when coupled with a hitchlock and wheelclamp, your trailer or caravan will be almost impossible to move unlawfully.
When fitting a ground anchor to tarmac, a small pad of concrete will need to be poured to fix to. In this instance we reccommend suing the SAS Concrete in Ground Anchor.

Cable not included.

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