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SAS Security Docking Station Anchor

SAS Security Docking Station Anchor

SAS Ground Anchor

The SAS Security Anchor Docking Station is ideal for fixing to your wall near where you park your trailer to secure it. The Lock combines the rigidity of an anchor with the flexibility of a chain.

The docking station unit is made entirely from forged hardened steel making it unbeatable for security. There is a sliding pin that locks into place which can fit up to 16mm chain so is for the security conscious trailer owner. Also a highly secure semi elliptical key locks the docking station making it very hard work to try to pick. A plastic cover cap covers the lock and prevent water ingress and dust getting into the lock. Total weight is 4.5kg of solid steel meaning it is very heavy duty. Can be Floor or Wall mounted. Cables will also work well for securing to your trailer or caravan instead of a chain.

Comes with 4 high security fixing bolts to fix to the wall or ground. Consequently this makes it extremely easy to fix with a drill and takes a matter of minutes.

The Docking Station boasts Thatcham Approval. This is an independent testing body for automotive security products and have tested and passed the SAS Security docking station. Therefore you can rest assured that your valuables you are securing are safe.

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